Rusudan Khizanishvili – 68 Projects Berlin / Galerie Kornfeld

Für das Online-Magazin Whitehot New York schrieb ich eine Ausstellungsbesprechung.

„The first thing you notice are the animals with human heads. In black, purple, night blue or orange. These mixed creatures are no strangers, you know them from cultural history. They were often monsters, brought destruction over the country, killed or strangled travelers. Many hybrid beings had no good reputation. Not even the Sphinx – a lion with wings and a woman’s head – the daughter of the monsters Typhon and Echidna. According to Greek mythology, she lived on a mountain, a traveler came along there, she gave him a riddle. If he could not solve it, his life was lost.

The hybrid beings in Khizanishvili’s paintings are different. Often smaller, sociable, perhaps already cuddly. Like in the work The Last Room/Exit. Here such a creature appears on the knees of two women, like a lapdog proudly presenting itself. In a moment it will lie down and purr, the viewer thinks. „I do not see them as tamed in these paintings, they are strong, victorious, and independent“, the artist tells me later. Have I misunderstood something here? Maybe other paintings will help me to understand these beings. In Victory the creature stands on top of a circus platform like a magnificent lion. It shows off its fur, which could also be wings. The face is female, it wears a crown. Where does it come from? „

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